Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Tarot Garden of Verses: A Reading of Tarot Inspired Poetry and Prose

I’m delighted to announce a celebration of the harvest of a year of tarot reflections by students of my Tarot as Inner Teacher courses (offered by Antioch University’s Continuing Education Program). Each of our four featured readers used writing as a bridge to discover insights at the crossroads of tarot imagery, the heart, and the world.  Join us for poetry, prose, and musings based on the Star, Sun, Fool, Temperance, Tower, Empress tarot cards and more. This reading is free and open to the public and held over zoom on Sunday, January 16 from 1-2 pm PST. Pre-registration is required; sign up here to receive the zoom link for A Tarot Garden of Verses.


Elizabeth Brennan


My name is Elizabeth and I live in Sonoma County, CA. I work full time as a teacher in an alternative high school. My home is in the country and my favorite pastime is taking long walks along the dirt roads that border apple orchards and vineyards – and/or driving out to the coast (Bodega Bay) and taking long walks along the beach with family and friends. Studying the tarot with Tania as a guide has inspired me to pay more attention to my intuition. I feel more open to subtle messages as life unfolds within me. Each card I study speaks like a song, poem or painting. Interacting with the tarot provides me with the sensation of an inner deepening and trust, as well as a guidance that supports me amidst the challenges and surprises that life brings daily.


Alley Greymond

I’m Alley Greymond and I live and work in Seattle, Washington on Duwamish Land. I use she/her pronouns. I am driven to learn and at various times have studied Accounting, Psychology, Systems Design, Commercial Real Estate Management, and Creative Non-Fiction. While my current position is administrative support, what I do find value in at work is leading  and working with different Employee Resource Groups towards perspective shifts and workplace equity. I’m not used to using my intuition to a robust capacity and when I first joined Tania’s class I felt as though I’d have nothing to offer. What a welcoming group of women and Tania creates an environment for one to think, feel and share. I appreciate having had an opportunity to explore Tarot with these women.  


Valerie Coleman-Palansky


I am a 5 number and my archetype is The Hierophant: I am inspired by teaching and learning situations, honoring and valuing the sacred within as well as the unlimited source and resource provided by that inner faith and intuition. I am a psychotherapist, NYU adjunct professor, and and a registered Jin Shin Do acupressurist living in the Bronx, New York. I am married and have two almost adult daughters. I engage in many creative arts including writing. I have been specifically involved with tarot and metaphysical doings from my teen years. I synchronistically found Tania and her Heart's Compass Tarot Journaling group and was hooked via the Aces immersion. My first deck was The Golden Dawn Tarot and my most recent is Daughters of the Moon.


Deborah Smith


My name is Debby and I live in New Paltz, New York. I have semi-retired this year from a 40 year career practicing and teaching bodywork based in Chinese Medicine. My work with clients includes assisting them in tapping into their inner wisdom and supporting their intuitive connection to their own health and happiness. I have revived my connection to Tarot as a doorway to my own intuition in the last two years and Tania's workshops have been a wonderful part of that. I've done a fair amount of writing related to my profession, but these writing experiences have been very rich and stimulating, both because of my own connections and being privileged to hear from the others in the group. Pulling tarot cards has become like having conversations with a dear and trusted friend: always relevant and always fascinating. 

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