Tuesday, November 3, 2020

New Ways to Play with the Tarot: Tarot for Two Podcast and Tarot Coloring

I feel like a tuning fork lately vibrating to the collective energy of the times, especially here on US Election Day. Tarot coloring is one way I stay connected to love and joy. I find color play soothing for the soul. Focusing on the tarot in this class in order to improvise gives us a way to converse with the decks of tarot across time and connect to our personal symbols that match the energy behind each card. You bring yourself, your art supplies of choice, your tarot deck if you have one (though I provide tarot images), and we create together in community. Here's my Ace of Windmills, my personal take on the Ace of Swords, created with my tarot students in 2016. Since then I have continued to tarot color and I'm so delighted to bring the process forward in class. 

I'll give a brief introduction to the card of the week and we will break in the middle of the hour to share process, and again at the end. Today we color to the Queen of Pentacles. We meet over zoom; use my contact form on this site to email me for the zoom invite and payment information. Here's a link to a longer description of the class on my main website, Tarot Coloring: A Heart's Compass Approach. Tarot coloring moves in sync with my Tarot Journaling class on Mondays, so come write to the card on Mondays, and tarot color to the same card on Tuesdays if you like. 

Or if you want another type of non-election related distraction, check out Tarot for Two's latest podcast, New Ways to Play with the Tarot Daily. I am elated to converse with my long time tarot buddy Mary Allen, breaking our tarot silence after about three years here (podcast silence, that is, and you can read our blogposts about our cards of the month here at Tarot for Two). Our next podcast will feature us talking about both of our specific six-card readings from a particular day so you'll have the chance to see the layout and interpretations in action.