Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Heart's Compass Tarot Readings at Poet's Corner in Duncans Mills

Come find me in the Magic Circle at Poet's Corner Book Shop in Duncans Mills (Russian River area) this Saturday, where I join Rune reader Jessica Superball to read complementary tarot cards with purchase of Heart's Compass Tarot: Discover Tarot Journaling and Create Your Own Cards (Two Fine Crows Books, 2021) on the bookshop patio. We are celebrating Independent Bookstore Day Saturday April 30 from noon to five pm. 

Local authors Toby Neal, John Mark Schnick, John McCarty, Neal Grace and Daniel Dawson will all be reading from their books at Poet's Corner as well. I'll also have copies of November Butterfly (my first poetry collection, Saddle Road Press, 2014) on hand.  Come listen to music with Joanne and Felipe Ferraz  (Brazilian and American duet).

Also taking place on Saturday in the Duncas Mills Shopping Village: At Sophie's Cellars Wine Shop, a reading and book signing with Iris Dunkle, award-winning literary biographer, essayist and poet. At Revolution Vinyl and Vintage, you'll find children's face painting with local children's author Tracy Stanley. And check out the lemonade stand at Alta California Provision!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

April Heart's Compass Tarot Poetry Challenge

"Tarot and poetry are two wings of the same bird..." once said Marianela Medrano, Heart's Compass Tarot poetry contributor; her poem about Kali as tarot's Tower card is one of the 30 poems paired with tarot cards and writing prompts you'll receive to your inbox daily when you join my 30-day tarot poetry challenge. We start April 1.


Come focus the windmill of your mind and create new work; tarot is potent and you develop not only a deeper relationship to tarot imagery, but your own intuition and writing practice as well as exploring various forms of poetry. We write together on zoom for four Friday 1 pm PST sessions starting April 1 and then at the end of the month, we celebrate with a public reading of work generated in our writing community. You receive:


30 tarot-based prompts and poems delivered daily to your inbox

Four zoom sessions on Fridays to write together

An additional public reading from the tarot poetry body of work you create in our writing community 


We draw on imagery from a variety of decks including tarot art from Heart’s Compass Tarot: Discover Tarot Journaling & Create Your Own Cards, like the personal Ace of Swords tarot card at the top of this post, traditionally associated with the mind, thoughts, words and dreams. I chose to make my Ace of Swords an Ace of Windmills after realizing the winds of adversity are precisely what writers channel to create work, to grow, and to heal. 


And this is my personal Ace of Disks I created after dreaming about the healing power of trees; here the figure floats over a view of the coin of a tree trunk, a tree ring. I hope you'll join us to write your own tarot haiku, tarot affirmations, or even tarot love letters to yourself. 


Course cost for the month-long course is $99; here's a post on my main website with links for signing up and links to view the reading of last year's 30-Day Challenge tarot poetry:


April 22 Heart's Compass Tarot Poetry Challenge.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Honoring the Inner Valentine: Make Your Ace of Cups

February 14, Noon to 2 pm PST over zoom / $28


Heart’s Compass Tarot, my workbook published by Two Fine Crows Book, turns a year old on Valentine's Day! What a beautiful year—the workbook provided a blueprint for classes and wonderful events all year long, a number of which you can enjoy as recorded presentations on the Heart’s Compass You-Tube channel including Tarot for Memoir, Poets of Heart’s Compass, Tarot for Two and more.


I invite you to join me this Valentine’s Day for a 2-hour offering, Honoring the Inner Valentine, Make Your Ace of Cups, held over zoom from Noon to 2 pm PST. Feel free to use the contact form on my blog to drop me a line and I’ll send you the zoom and payment links.

While Valentine’s Day often focuses on “lovers love,” I am so very excited to start this new yearly tradition of making a tarot Ace of Cups card alongside other kindred tarot lovers and tarot curious seekers in community in tribute to the inner heart, the Inner Valentine, every February 14. And in tribute to Heart’s Compass Tarot’s birthday!   

If you only make one tarot card from the deck in your lifetime, I say, let it begin with love—the Ace of Cups, card of the heart. Whether you’ve been working your way through the Heart’s Compass Tarot workbook on your own or you are new to tarot and the Ace of Cups, you are welcome to join us for a loving and lively midday exploration.


In this 2-hour workshop we will:


·      Look at some beautiful examples of Ace of Cups tarot cards from a variety of decks

·      Reflect, write, and share about our own particular heart-joys and future heart-wishes using a tarot journaling method

·      Begin to make our own Ace of Cups card based on personal heart’s desires


To register: Use the contact form on my site to drop me a line to let me know you wish to join. You’ll receive instructions for what to bring to class, our zoom invite, and payment options. Honoring the Inner Valentine: Make Your Ace of Cups meets on February 14, Noon PST-2 pm on zoom. Course cost: $28. All level of tarot lover welcome, from the tarot curious to the tarot savvy.


Why Make an Ace of Cups?

This is the Ace of Cups I made back in 2016 alongside my students, as they created their own versions of the cards that would go on to grace the pages of the Heart's Compass Tarot workbook (Carrie’s Ace of Depths appears in the graphic at the top of this post; Lisa’s Ace of Cups depicts the set of hands cupping the heart cup; in the middle is an in-process Ace of Cups I started on a roadtrip). I wrote the following Haiku to accompany this birdlike, fiery, sky Ace of Cups:


Self-love’s Ace of Cups

Egret lands, folds outstretched wings

Heart rests between flights


As I drew the image of the bird, I felt consciously connected to the blues and lavendars, sensing into the heart and the element of water. I live across from the sea; pastel sunrise skies, egrets, seagulls, pelicans, osprey, sandpipers, and hummingbirds all form my dayscapes. I often wake to the cry of the osprey. I often see the setting sun slipping down behind the ocean’s horizon line. It makes sense that birdwings and sunset colors found their way into that original Ace of Cups. 

I also remember being surprised a bit by the reds and yellows, and the angular, jagged lines emanating from the sunlike orb.  But I also remember it just felt right in my heart of hearts. Allowing myself to immerse in color play, to start with the softer colors, allowed me to reach deeper. I love these reds as much as the blues, for the card ends up reflecting back to me a representation of the complexity and richness of emotions from soft love to the core red surges of anger that also call for expression at the heartline. I colored my way to a type of recognition, a permission to feel a full range of feelings, expressed in a few lines from the workbook:


I allow my heart the full range of emotions

From volcanic core to seed-bursting as the sun

I invite my heart’s waves from swell

To dissolving into the larger sea


I made my Ace as a mirror of my heart at that time. I am eager to drop into the present and see what I find there now, for I have changed, and oh, how the world has changed, for all of us. I look forward to discovering what you find in your heart's mirror. Come color, paint, sketch, collage--you name it--beside me. Tarot blessings!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Tarot Garden of Verses: A Reading of Tarot Inspired Poetry and Prose

I’m delighted to announce a celebration of the harvest of a year of tarot reflections by students of my Tarot as Inner Teacher courses (offered by Antioch University’s Continuing Education Program). Each of our four featured readers used writing as a bridge to discover insights at the crossroads of tarot imagery, the heart, and the world.  Join us for poetry, prose, and musings based on the Star, Sun, Fool, Temperance, Tower, Empress tarot cards and more. This reading is free and open to the public and held over zoom on Sunday, January 16 from 1-2 pm PST. Pre-registration is required; sign up here to receive the zoom link for A Tarot Garden of Verses.


Elizabeth Brennan


My name is Elizabeth and I live in Sonoma County, CA. I work full time as a teacher in an alternative high school. My home is in the country and my favorite pastime is taking long walks along the dirt roads that border apple orchards and vineyards – and/or driving out to the coast (Bodega Bay) and taking long walks along the beach with family and friends. Studying the tarot with Tania as a guide has inspired me to pay more attention to my intuition. I feel more open to subtle messages as life unfolds within me. Each card I study speaks like a song, poem or painting. Interacting with the tarot provides me with the sensation of an inner deepening and trust, as well as a guidance that supports me amidst the challenges and surprises that life brings daily.


Alley Greymond

I’m Alley Greymond and I live and work in Seattle, Washington on Duwamish Land. I use she/her pronouns. I am driven to learn and at various times have studied Accounting, Psychology, Systems Design, Commercial Real Estate Management, and Creative Non-Fiction. While my current position is administrative support, what I do find value in at work is leading  and working with different Employee Resource Groups towards perspective shifts and workplace equity. I’m not used to using my intuition to a robust capacity and when I first joined Tania’s class I felt as though I’d have nothing to offer. What a welcoming group of women and Tania creates an environment for one to think, feel and share. I appreciate having had an opportunity to explore Tarot with these women.  


Valerie Coleman-Palansky


I am a 5 number and my archetype is The Hierophant: I am inspired by teaching and learning situations, honoring and valuing the sacred within as well as the unlimited source and resource provided by that inner faith and intuition. I am a psychotherapist, NYU adjunct professor, and and a registered Jin Shin Do acupressurist living in the Bronx, New York. I am married and have two almost adult daughters. I engage in many creative arts including writing. I have been specifically involved with tarot and metaphysical doings from my teen years. I synchronistically found Tania and her Heart's Compass Tarot Journaling group and was hooked via the Aces immersion. My first deck was The Golden Dawn Tarot and my most recent is Daughters of the Moon.


Deborah Smith


My name is Debby and I live in New Paltz, New York. I have semi-retired this year from a 40 year career practicing and teaching bodywork based in Chinese Medicine. My work with clients includes assisting them in tapping into their inner wisdom and supporting their intuitive connection to their own health and happiness. I have revived my connection to Tarot as a doorway to my own intuition in the last two years and Tania's workshops have been a wonderful part of that. I've done a fair amount of writing related to my profession, but these writing experiences have been very rich and stimulating, both because of my own connections and being privileged to hear from the others in the group. Pulling tarot cards has become like having conversations with a dear and trusted friend: always relevant and always fascinating.