Tuesday, March 29, 2022

April Heart's Compass Tarot Poetry Challenge

"Tarot and poetry are two wings of the same bird..." once said Marianela Medrano, Heart's Compass Tarot poetry contributor; her poem about Kali as tarot's Tower card is one of the 30 poems paired with tarot cards and writing prompts you'll receive to your inbox daily when you join my 30-day tarot poetry challenge. We start April 1.


Come focus the windmill of your mind and create new work; tarot is potent and you develop not only a deeper relationship to tarot imagery, but your own intuition and writing practice as well as exploring various forms of poetry. We write together on zoom for four Friday 1 pm PST sessions starting April 1 and then at the end of the month, we celebrate with a public reading of work generated in our writing community. You receive:


30 tarot-based prompts and poems delivered daily to your inbox

Four zoom sessions on Fridays to write together

An additional public reading from the tarot poetry body of work you create in our writing community 


We draw on imagery from a variety of decks including tarot art from Heart’s Compass Tarot: Discover Tarot Journaling & Create Your Own Cards, like the personal Ace of Swords tarot card at the top of this post, traditionally associated with the mind, thoughts, words and dreams. I chose to make my Ace of Swords an Ace of Windmills after realizing the winds of adversity are precisely what writers channel to create work, to grow, and to heal. 


And this is my personal Ace of Disks I created after dreaming about the healing power of trees; here the figure floats over a view of the coin of a tree trunk, a tree ring. I hope you'll join us to write your own tarot haiku, tarot affirmations, or even tarot love letters to yourself. 


Course cost for the month-long course is $99; here's a post on my main website with links for signing up and links to view the reading of last year's 30-Day Challenge tarot poetry:


April 22 Heart's Compass Tarot Poetry Challenge.