Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Classes, Fall Poem: Transmigration

Can I just confess, here it is fall, and I'm falling...falling behind on some goals, making progress on others. I'm still gearing up to work live with my Transformative Blogging book, sharing as I go over at my new website. I still plan to shortly have my first post up there, it is just that...I'm so comfortable blogging here at Feral Mom, Feral Writer...I'll just have to stretch to grow into my new site.
In the meantime, the prose poetry collaborations continue at Perhaps, Maybe, though the teaching year has kicked in for both Liz and I. Here's our final summer offering, and here's Liz preparing the deck chairs for the "filming" of our micro-reading of Transmigration.
If you are foot loose and fancy free this fall, or at least somewhat on the loose and hungry for poetry, I invite you to join me for one of my upcoming classes. Here are the latest:
Reading and Writing the International Poetry of Motherhood and Fatherhood
(begins September 10, 2012).

Join this writing group to mine the globe, reading and writing poems, journal entries, or prose based on the universal experience of birth, labor, fertility, adoption, or parenthood (or the experience of having parents). We will read poems and selections of prose from a number of different countries each week, and in response, we will write poetry or prose reflecting our experience of birth, labor, fertility, or the gifts and challenges of parenting. We will start with Finland, in honor of A Finnish Mother Writer in our family. For full description or to sign up, visit Mother Writer Mentor's Poetry Workshops.

Transformative Blogging for Women
(begins October 8th, 2012)

This course offers beginning bloggers the chance to launch a blog and get feedback, and for more experienced bloggers, this course offers the chance to take stock of one’s blogging mask, reach, and other goals and provides a path to recalibration. As is the case with good writing of any kind, the details you choose to present as a blogger make all the difference. You’ll need to make decisions about which parts of yourself or your topic you’ll reveal or explore and who you are striving to become through the process of committing to blogging (since the consistent practice of writing around a focused topic leads inevitably to transformation of various kinds). For full course description or to sign up, visit Story Circle Network.

Blogging for Writing Mothers
(begins November 5, 2012)

In the wake of motherhood’s potentially all-encompassing submersion, blogging offers a unique way to stay connected during the natural, necessary isolation that can occur when one steps out of former orbits of relation and habit to raise children and lay down new routines (or the sudden quiet arriving when children leave the nest). How do you stay connected to your writing self? This gentle blogging workshop offers a chance to create material towards a future blog or support you as you blog and raise children or redefine your relationship to self and children. For full course description or to sign up, visit Mother Writer Mentor's Poetry Workshops.