Thursday, January 15, 2015

November Butterfly Review Up at The Mom Egg

What more could a writer ask for than to wake up on her birthday to her first formal book review? And a beautiful one at that? Up today at The Mom Egg is November Butterfly’s first formal review by Anne Marie Fowler. Thanks are due to both Marjorie Tesser for The Mom Egg and her years of publishing work by writing mothers and thanks are also due to reviewer and writer Anne Marie Fowler.

In this lush exploration, Pryputniewicz observes the lives of numerous iconic women—women who navigate the world with impeccable courage and daring. It is through these observations that the speaker reveals her own struggles, as though she were dancing with the looking glass.

I am also swilling in deep gratitude for the amazing web of connections both virtual and in-person I am lucky to draw upon as I enter 2015 with visions for new work in tow. I’m still questing with a dynamic group of creatives at #livethequest on my main site (a quest any and all are welcome to join). In honor of the Fool card in the Tarot, sacred joy, and questing, you’ll find my latest post posing questions such as:

What if I trusted the noir fairytale?

I mean the noir fairytale I’ve lived to get here. I mean the gritty, real, Bluebeard and Red Shoes fairytales we all live, that braid of what we go through to grow….

Read the rest of Trusting the Noir Fairytale here.

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Longtime writer friend and Tarot companion Mary Allen and I launched our Tarot For Two blog last week in order to share some of our Tarot Writing Practice exercises and in hopes of inspiring other pairs of friends to travel the Royal Road together. I would love your feedback about our new blog.