Saturday, February 13, 2021

Heart's Compass Tarot Valentine's Day Book Launch

I'm standing in a lot of joy, a lot of gratitude, for the fortune and blessing of having my book, Heart's Compass Tarot: Discover Tarot Journaling and Create Your Own Cards debut tomorrow, on Valentine's Day, from Two Fine Crows Books. I'd love for you to join us--we are hosting a Facebook Live Event from the Heart's Compass Tarot and Writing Facebook page. If you RSVP, Facebook will let you know when we go live tomorrow (1 pm PST). 

Ruth Thompson will introduce yours truly and three marvelous heart's compass contributors, Carrie, Gillian, and Lisa. We will discuss our path from tarot journaling to tarot card creation, with a special focus on the Fool cards we made together.

I have so many people to thank--first, Ruth Thompson and Don Mitchell of Saddle Road Press and Two Fine Crows Books for believing in the project and for coursing through the permutations of chapters and edits and image wrangling...all worth it, to bring you a gentle and loving roadmap for developing a relationship to the tarot, or deepening the one you have, regardless of the tarot deck you use. Through a method of tarot journaling to look at past, present, and future, you have the opportunity to get clear about your personal symbols for use in meditation or for the creation of your own tarot cards. You can learn more about the book (which has a variety of chapters from tarot haiku to teens and tarot) on my main site Heart's Compass Tarot: Valentine's Day Release.

I also have my two writing groups, the Flamingos, and the Feisty writers, to thank, as well as my two memoir teachers, Marcia Meier and Marni Freedman. I worked on tarot essays and the book's structure in their classes. I thank my three children (all of us together under the pandemic roof) and husband for putting up with my tarot focus as I let myself float down the tarot river and into the tarot sea. I always come back to them, and I thank them for their love and trust.

Heart's Compass Tarot is available for pre-order at Bookshop, Amazon, Indiebound, Barnes and Noble.

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