Friday, October 2, 2015

October Poetry News

Photo by Jamie Clifford
Extract(s) Interview: Three Questions

Thanks to Jenn Monroe at  Extract (s): Daily dose of lit, an interview is up based on the poems in the Camelot Section of November Butterfly:

The manner in which Guinevere haunted me, questions of sentimentality, and the way my husband found me among other topics covered. Here's an excerpt:

Guinevere found me again just after graduate school in the heartland, when a childhood friend proposed to me. He saw Sir Edmond Blair Leighton’s drawing, “The Accolade” (which we construed to depict Guinevere knighting a kneeling Lancelot) in my home, which I’d brought home from the crystal and gem store where I worked part time in Iowa City. He playfully suggested that we marry in costume. What poet could refuse?

Read the rest of the interview here: Three Questions, Tania Pryputniewicz  (Oct 2016 update: I've re-run the interview here on my main site: Thirteen Prompts for November Butterfly and Three Questions.

Excerpt(s) also ran Veil, Veil II, and Transport from November Butterfly in May of this year.

Photo by Robyn Beattie
Poetry Play: A Tour of the Forms, In Person at San Diego Writers, Ink

This class is a joy to teach and according to my students, a joy to take; please do join me for this four-hour workshop coming up:

Tuesday October 20, 2015
$60 members, $72 non-members

Do you haiku? Ever written a haibun, aubade, or villanelle? Want to try your hand at a sestina or a sonnet? During this one-day workshop we will fearlessly and playfully write our way towards working drafts of as many of the forms as we can.

We’ll start with the deceptively simple but evocative gem of haiku. Then we’ll breathe into the slightly pithier prose lead required of the haibun with its haiku chaser. Next up: dawn songs (otherwise known as aubades) for a love lost or left at sunrise. And then, hearts astir, we turn to the gift of intricate form and the unusual word choices form often invites. We will draft sestinas, sonnets and villanelles.

To sign up and read rest of course description visit Poetry Play: A Tour of the Forms

Poetry Movie Screenings for November Butterfly in Sonoma County

My poetry movie collaborator Robyn Beattie will be presenting a film screening of five of our poetry movies as part of the Guerneville Library Fall Art Show that opens Friday, October 2 at 3 p.m. Robyn will be screening our poetry movies from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 7 and Wednesday October 14. Robyn will read the poems, show the movies, and discuss her images. Movie titles:

She Dressed in a Hurry, Lady Di
Mordred’s Dream
The Corridor, Guinevere to her Mother

If you are unable to attend the screenings, you can access the movies and learn about our collaborative process on my main website: Photo Poem Montages. Guerneville Library is located at 14107 Armstrong Woods Rd., Guerneville, CA, 95446.

Coronado Writers Workshop

Just got the heads up that the Coronado Writer's Workshop is this weekend, as in tomorrow. For more information, try this link: 2015 Coronado Writers Workshop.

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