Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September Sun Rays: Tarot for Transition

Can you see the sun from where you stand in the world? Of late our California skies are hazy, if not outright sun-blocked, so much of the west coast sorrowfully ablaze. We are aswirl with so many challenges and transitions, inner and outer. Zoom school in session, a child in every room of the house. Back in midsummer, tarot coloring this sun gave me some grounding joy. Though the image did not make it into my Heart’s Compass Tarot Workbook (which is winnowed, with the copy editor, and due out in February 2021), I share it in the spirit of process and with gratitude for the soothe of colors. 

One of the sweetest gifts of using tarot is the way it can provide a mirror and encourage a deeper conversation with the self in the service of joy. I’d love to connect, engage, and explore the timeless tool of the tarot with you through Antioch University and San Diego Writers, Ink. I also give away a tarot journaling writing prompt in my monthly newsletter; sign up for it here (September’s writing prompt focuses on the ten of swords).


Tarot Webinars at Antioch University


From Fear to Love: The Tower and Tarot’s Lover. How do static images on a card support inner personal growth and outward change? Join this webinar for a close look at the way Major Arcana (Big Secret) soul cards like the Tower and the Lovers can help us move from fear to love. To explore the archetypal energy behind both cards, we will look at a number of versions of both the Tower and the Lovers card. You’ll be introduced to some accessible but potent tarot journaling methods. No prior knowledge of the tarot necessary. Saturday October 3: 10 am PST / 1 pm Eastern Time. Cost: $25. For full details and to sign up visit: From Fear to Love


Tarot for Transition: Tarot Journaling for Joy. During times of transition and uncertainty, we can lose our connection to our inner compass and find ourselves feeling overwhelmed. In this four part webinar series, we will explore just one aspect of our lives at a time in relation to the transitions we are facing, using the lens of the four tarot aces: The Heart (love and dreams: Ace of Cups), The Hands (wealth and manifestation: Ace of Disks), The Will (inspiration and direction: Ace of Wands), and The Mind (vision and knowledge: Ace of Swords). We will walk through some simple tools for daily connection to the tarot through journaling, taking our “tarot eyes” into our surroundings, and celebrating the path forward as inspired by the energy of the four elements. No prior knowledge of the tarot is necessary. We meet four consecutive Saturdays. Cost for this 4 Part Webinar Series: $99.


Saturday October 17: 10 am PST / 1:00 pm ET
Saturday October 24: 10 am PST  / 1:00 pm ET
Saturday October 31: 10 am PST  / 1:00 pm ET (Halloween)
Saturday November 7th: 10 am PST  / 1:00 pm ET


For full details and to sign up visit Tarot for Transition.


Writing Classes at San Diego Writers, Ink

Tarot Journaling: A Heart's Compass Approach: This class meets Mondays over zoom and is a drop-in class so come and go as you please, we have a beautiful core group meeting at present. I made a commitment to journal through the entire deck, so we will be at this for seventy-eight weeks total. This coming Monday, September 21, we will dive into the eight of pentacles. Cost is $10 a session. Sign up here for Tarot Journaling

Saturday Poetry Read and Critique meets next on October 10, from 10 am to noon PST over zoom (we meet every second Saturday of the month). We are a heart-committed and lively group of poets with room for a few more faces. Offered through San Diego Writers, Ink. Sign up here for Second Saturday Poetry; fee is $30 for SDWI members, $36 for non-members. 

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