Monday, April 28, 2014

Ruth Thompson Joins the #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour

My trio of bloggers for the #MyWritingProcess blog tour just turned into a quartet...I am going to include Ruth's bio below to entice you over to her blog, and a few lines that will compel you to go read the rest:

 "Right now I’m working on a series of poems that go deeper into the experience of aging as expansion, rapture, rupture, explosion into wholeness."

 "I work a lot with archetypes, fairy tales, myths, especially myths of the feminine journey. Lately I’ve become more and more interested in the great mystery school traditions, including the Oracles at Delphi and elsewhere, which were originally goddess oracles..." Read Ruth's Entire Post.

 Need I say more? A girl after my own heart. Here's the nitty gritty bio:

 Ruth Thompson is the author of Woman With Crows (2013) and Here Along Cazenovia Creek (2011). Woman with Crows explored a new mythology of the divine feminine, from encounters with “hungry ghosts” to the fool-crone, “dancing what she does not know to dance.” It was a finalist for the A Room of Her Own Foundation’s To the Lighthouse Prize, and includes poems that won the New Millennium Writings Award and the Harpur Palate Milton Kessler prize.

Ruth’s chapbook Here Along Cazenovia Creek was the basis for “The Seasons,” a collaborative performance of poetry and dance with the great Japanese dancer Shizuno Nasu.  (Video at and

Ruth grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and received a BA from Stanford and a PhD from Indiana University. In a previous life, she was a college dean in Los Angeles. She now lives in Hilo, Hawai’i with writer-anthropologist Don Mitchell. She teaches writing, and meditation, yoga, and writing workshops throughout the US, and blogs about happiness at

And if you missed my original My Writing Process blog tour post, you can find it here:

 First Poetry Book Publication, Reckoning with Exposure, and Astral Rubbernecking.

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Ruth also happens to be my editor at Saddle Road Press; she's a delightful editor, offering guidance and smart's a post about Ruth's careful eye (among other things) and how she sent me to the Wild Carrot Museum online in order to complete Revising Guinevere.

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Edith said...

H Ruth, and thanks to Tania for introducing me to another amazing woman, a new guide and mentor to serve as role model and sister explorer of the psyche. Each time I visit your blog, I come away enriched and inspired. Your words encourage me to find my own.