Friday, December 18, 2009

"Winter Solstice" Sculpture Poem

Last May, I gave sculptor Sandy Frank a handful of poems (so she could choose one to pen across one of her magnificent male torsos). We're not through yet--but I wanted to post the poem and photo in honor of the approaching solstice. Combining the static element of written words and penning them across a 3-d surface has its challenges, and Sandy tells me the alchemy is far from perfected (she has other ideas in store), but here is a "draft" of our project so far.

Winter Solstice

Live long enough and you outlive
ewhere a lover, one you cast aside
or one you chased. One who didn't want you--
at least, not then--or one you cried to leave,
but left.
No matter what the parting, there's a last meeting

in the eggplant black of dream, where we divide up all the eggs,
and ride a Lapland sled, our unborn children

falling in the snow. We'll not stop--

we have no choice: you're dying

and outside
the dream my husband's body
turns towards mine. The Earth's
one lover lighter. The Northern lights

remain, the silver sound-prints of the reindeer's bell.

Forgive the iphone snapshots--I promise a link to studio quality photos (the full sculptures extend to upper thigh, complete with male genitalia) and a January post with Sandy's thoughts on the sculpture-poetry process (post-holiday frenzy).

Sandy's work:


Ethel Rohan said...

Wow, what a great project. What great art. I love the sculptures and the poem (your work always resonates with me, Tania) and can only imagine how powerful the combined works are in reality. Heartfelt congratulations to you both.

Mama C said...

Your poem here is phenomenal. Wow. Just found your blog through the She Writes/Mother Wirter blog roll call. (That was a mouthful.) Beautiful work.

Tania Pryputniewicz said...

Thanks Ethel...excited to come check out your site. That was one of my New Year's goals (to launch a professional site), but maybe by the end of 2010. I bought the domain name, does that count?!

Tania Pryputniewicz said...

Mama C--thanks for the support, and for cruising through! Haven't been over to She Writes yet this week, but I will shortly and I'll stop by and see what you are up to as well.