Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Publications and Tarot Writing Prompts

Robyn Beattie
“Walking the Laguna,” dedicated to Reginald Shepherd, is live in this month’s issue of TAB, A Journal of Poetry and Poetics thanks to Anna Leahy. The poem is up both as a PDF and sound recording. You won’t hear my Siberian Husky in the background of the final MP3, but she gave it her best shot (see Pet Bedlam, Three Takes to Record a Poem)! I love that TAB includes our written words and our actual voices. The issue is beautiful in entirety.

Robyn Beattie 
When Elder Becomes Child,” is up at Marisa Gaudy’s website as part of her #365Strong Stories thread; I am grateful to the artists and writers I’m blessed to collaborate with thanks to Tracking Wonder's Quest 2016. Marisa is looking for submissions for her Strong Stories series; please do send her your work.

All through December, I used colored pencils while on Quest to sketch out and explore my Tarot Devotions and dreams for my Tarot Writing Business; I’m blessed to be in the middle of teaching my new Wheel of Archetypal Selves Courses: The Many Faces of Love and working on creating new courses around Tarot Deck creation. I'm happily booking  Tarot Consults with writing prompts and giving away a weekly Tarot Writing prompt at my Wheel of Archetypal Selves Tarot Tuesday page. 

Photo Robyn Beattie
I created Tarot Tuesdays with my prior and current Tarot students in mind and also invite artists, writers, and Tarot enthusiasts to check out the prompts. We’re moving sequentially through the deck, starting with the suit of Cups. If you are not a fan of Facebook, you can also find the prompts on my main site (links included below for Ace of Cups through Six of Cups).

Here are the links to far:

Prompt for Ace of Cups

Prompt for Two of Cups

Prompt for Three of Cups

Prompt for Four of Cups

Prompt for Five of Cups

Prompt for Six of Cups

Robyn Beattie
A second goal for this project is an ongoing collaboration with Robyn Beattie—she’s supplying a photo interpretation of each card, and I’m writing a Haiku. 

Last week's Haiku for the Five of Cups:

Grief is a blue cloak
Wicking tears from root-spilled cups
Widow, turn: Friends wait.

It’ll take us a year and a half to create our full deck of Tarot Writing prompts using Robyn’s images paired with Haiku and drawing on the prompts up on the website—but I’m very excited about this project, which seems a new beautiful extension of our poetry movies.

I’d love any feedback about how the prompts are working for you so we can create the best set of Tarot Writing prompt cards possible. Let me know in comments here, on Facebook, or on my main site, how the prompts are working for you.

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