Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pet Bedlam: Three Takes to Record a Poem

Luna, oh innocent Luna
I spent this morning trying to make a simple recording of “Walking the Laguna,” a poem I wrote dedicated to poet Reginald Shepherd, and which TAB, A Journal of Poetry and Poetics, accepted for Spring 2016 publication.

Silly me….thought I could record in peace! Kids at school, husband at work. Garbage day behind us. Early morning motorcyle thrash of traffic long past, no storm gale thundering surf. We’re talking about 3 minutes.

Take 1: Heading into couplet 4, Luna--preferring musky stem water to her own drinking water, takes down the vase on the dining room table, scattering bouqet. Rivulets chase her sleeping counterpart, Sam, off the new red sparkling chair cushion Grandma just bought for the house at Thanksgiving. Luna lifts her paws daintily out of the way and looks at me, forlorn, waiting for rescue. As if. Of course, how can I be mad at a cat famous for keeping the kids company while they read?!

Take 2: Four lines left to go! The Husky bolts up from her nap in the stripe of sun in our bedroom and tears to the front door in search of The Phantom Guest, her four paws’ worth of nails clicking across the floor all the down the hallway past my microphone. Unmistakeable in playback: the solid thud of her body hurling against the front door.

Take 3: Success!

(A special thank you goes to my father, for Nessie, my so easy to use microphone! She plugs right in to the Mac, hooks right up to Garage easy....)

Submission Workshop
Letter Press by Robyn Beattie

Please do come out on December 20th  for three hours to join me for my Submission Blitz workshop for writers at San Diego Writer, Ink; we will bring work, work in progress, and lists of places to potentially submit. We will match work with targets so that January 1 you are ready to come out of holiday haze ahead of the game and eager to submit to new venues.

All the details here: Salvage Your December with Tania Pryputniewicz.

Quest 2016

I’ve been blogging up a storm with a growing group of creatives at Tracking Wonder. We answer prompts doled out by visionaries Jeffrey Davis chose for us, so far Susan Piver, Jonathan Fields, Debbie Millman, and Dr. Tina Seelig. We envision our best coming year across layers of our lives, including business artistry and how we might apply ourselves to making a difference.

My Quest 2016 Dragon of Imagination
For my version of Quest, I am pulling three Tarot cards to deepen my relationship to each prompt as well as drawing my answer as a synthesis of the three cards. I’m posting the drawings in process as I can’t seem to keep up with the pace of finishing drawings and blogging and keeping the cats Off The Table While Recording Poems and feeding the kids...Here is my Dragon of Imagination, a reminder from my Future Self to play more.

Remember you can join us on Quest 2016 if it sounds fun at any point. Honestly.  Here are the posts so far:

Photo by Robyn Beattie
Last but not least, here’s a guest post I wrote for Ginny Lee Taylor at Women of Wonder; I “met” Ginny on Quest last year and have long admired the work she does on behalf of survivors. In this guest post, I address one of her Compass Points for Healing: Own Your Story, by explicating three of the poems in November Butterfly, “Absolute Power,” “Peer Counselor,” and “(25) Floors Up An Open Balcony Guinevere Fails to Appear” in order to address the healing power of poetry and nature. You’ll find writing exercises for survivors at the end of the post

Also check out Ginny’s beautiful post on Quest along this topic line, a haunting look at the collateral affect of a survivor’s path through life; Ginny acknowledges lost dreams for survivor, family, community, and more:

Photo Credits: Letter Press and Frost Rose by Robyn Beattie


Elizabeth Brennan said...

Hilarious! It reminds me of the times we would attempt to record our PM poems.

Tania Pryputniewicz said...

Yes, if not contractor truck bucketing down the hill, an airplane or a child slamming front door, or semi coming up your drive. Let's record another Perhaps Maybe this month! Let's try! Miss you so much!