Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tarot Podcast News and April Classes

I got the email today that we are on the verge of having Nimrod International Journal’s issue, Leaving Home, Finding Home in hand. 

I’m honored that one of the commune poems, “Free Box,”appears in the issue. Here’s the link to the page to order from Nimrod International (you can either subscribe or scroll down to order a particular issue).

Sign up for Monday’s 1) Poetry Workshop and 2) Introduction to Tarot Class

Here are links to the full course descriptions for two classes that start next week:

And here's a podcast from last year, This Choice, hosted by poet Ren Powell, in which you’ll learn a bit about both my poetry history and how I approach the Tarot as a teacher:

Tarot Podcast News

Mary and I will be adding a new feature to Tarot for Two, the blog we’ve been keeping since 2015. We’ve decided to try our hand at podcasting as a format. I will share the link to our first conversation, once we have it, record it and post it. We’ve drafted up some questions to answer on our own, but please do feel free to leave a question for us in the comments here or on our Tarot for Two site and we will consider them for future podcasts. Excerpts from this month's Tarot for Two card of the month writings:

Mary on the Empress:

The Empress is a watery card rather than a fiery one, all those pinks and greens and lotuses and water birds.  But the empress herself is resting in a bower of her own making, an inner bower made of peace and loveliness and happiness, and my desert vacation rests in my memory as a time of airiness and peace and happiness, and the desert with its fierceness has a kind of loveliness of its own.

Tania on the Knight of Cups:

I love most the rider’s wings. I’ve often thought the wings belonged to the horse, but the wings spring from the shoulders of the green-armored knight. The knight holds a chalice to the sky, a red crab emerging at cup’s rim. He’s offering up his heart and the heart’s questions. In the image of the crab I see a layer of protection, the color red so vibrant, a salute to the passionate heart.

Read the rest here:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Queen Califia and Spring Classes

Queen Califia, Nikki de St. Phalle
I spy with my little Tarot eye the sculptures of Nikki de St. Phalle. These are close-ups from the totem sculptures in Queen Califia’s Magic Circle Garden. Have you been there yet? It is tucked away in Kit Carson Park, Escondido, California. I hope these glimpses, these close-ups, encourage you to adventure there yourself. The docent told me Nikki’s wishes were to arrange the garden on the land in such a way that you’d encounter it, stumble upon it, magically.  

Flowers bloomed on the hillside as my daughter and I walked the dusty path along a low stone wall until the entrance emerged. Yes, this could be Tuscany, Italy, the landscape in which Nikki’s larger house-sized Tarot sculptures live. But if you can’t make it to Italy yet, try Queen Califia’s Magic Circle Garden.

It was lovely to be out in nature, in the sun, under clouds of such crisp contour with such vibrant blue blackdrop, as I’ve been writing, writing, writing…I still love to write poetry long hand, but as I experiment with writing longer pieces in prose, it makes for a long process. Everything by hand—then the hours transcribing—hence the need to get out from behind the computer screen and outdoors for art dates more and more.

Harvest of Poems

Thanks to guest poetry editor Robert Lee Brewer, "Hades" is live at Prime Number Magazine. Despite the title, “Hades” is very much an “above ground” poem, Hades figuring as more of a psychological destination visited by brooders (like me). 

I also was able to make a sound file, which can be listened to here: Hades MP3.

And for Neptune-blessed lovers, I have written a poem about abalone diving, marriage, children, and waiting for the beloved to surface. I’m honored that Silver Birch Press published “Kolmer’s Gulch” as part of their Lost and Found Poetry and Prose Series. You can listen to the sound file here: “Kolmer’s Gulch MP3”.

Upcoming Tarot and Poetry Classes

Have you been taking advantage of the prompts offered daily this month at NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)? Every day during the month of April you'll find a new poetry prompt! Even if you don’t write 30 poems in 30 days, what if by month’s end you draft five new poems? Even one new poem? Each prompt comes with links to the work of other poets participating in the challenge as well as links to interviews with established writers and example poems.

Here are my latest class offerings, starting already April 24.

by Tania Pryputniewicz
Entering the Tarot Garden: An Introduction to the Tarot: Are you ready to explore the Tarot? Go for a gentle tour through the structure of the Tarot? We will go over the basics:

  • The four elements (earth, air, fire, and water)
  • The daily life cards of each suit and the story they tell as they progress from numbers One to Ten,
  • The Court Cards—Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages
  • The Major Arcana

We will use a hands-on approach to studying the Tarot including becoming familiar with the deck of your choice and journaling to prompts.

If you are interested, but have questions, and would like to know more about my particular approach to the Tarot, I am offering free simple 3-card readings over Zoom (video call, or Skype if you prefer). Contact me through the form on this website or IM me on Facebook through my Wheel of Archetypal Selves Tarot page to sign up.

Here’s the full course description for Entering the Tarot Garden.

Poetry Draft, Craft, Submit: I’m so excited about teaching this class, especially on the heels of National Poetry Writing Month. We will be starting right at the tail end of the month, so some of you will likely have a new crop of poems to craft and revise. If not, join us, and write to the prompts I’ll be giving you based on specific calls for submission. This online class is for poets ready to draft, craft and submit work. In addition to weekly craft lessons and prompts, we will support one another in sending work out to live submission targets.

Here’s the full course description for Poetry Draft, Craft, Submit.

I will most likely also be am teaching a version of this on-line class in-person at San Diego Writers, Ink. It will run Second Saturdays of the month, 10 am-12 noon, starting May 13, 2017. Here are the upcoming themes: 
May 13: Spirituality
June 10: Childhood / Children
July 8: Destinations
August 12: Architecture
September 9: Livestock and Pets
October 14: Omens

Here's the link to sign up for my in-person class at SDWI, Second Saturdays: Draft, Craft Submit. Cost is $30 a session for SDWI, and $36 for non-members.

Happy Spring....

Photos were taken by yours truly, all at Queen Califia's Magic Circle Garden.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Where is the Love? March's Virtual Hearth and Poetry News

I’m looking forward to holding Nimrod International Journal’s themed issue, Leaving Home, Finding Home in hand. It comes out shortly this spring thanks to Associate Editor Cassidy McCants (order here at Nimrod's main site). I’m honored to have a poem, “Free Box,” in the issue. “Free Box” gives a look at the transition from the Illinois commune to public school and is set during the years after we traveled to California in the wooden camper my father built by hand (which housed us for a time at Schoolhouse Canyon Campground on the Russian River).

The poem “Hades” is also forthcoming in Prime Number Magazine in April thanks to guest poetry editor Robert Lee Brewer.  It too finds its nexus in Sonoma County but "Hades" explores layers of past memories circling the crossroad of love between siblings and love between friends.

Where is the Love?

The meek inherit nothing, writes Safiya Sinclair, in her poem, “Center of the World.” Kim Addonizio, asks in her poem by the same title, What do Women Want? These are just two of the ideas and questions we will consider in my next on-line writing class, Where is the Love. It promises a fearless descent into love in all of its forms. Join me around my virtual hearth for a tour of the forms of love from the feral to the barely audible quiet voice of self-love we came into incarnation with, a self-love we often lose connection to given live’s challenges.

You'll explore body and soul your lived experiences of love as well as writing towards those forms of love you wish to invoke, dream into being, and invite into your life. All forms of writing are welcome; we will write to poetry, music, Tarot images, and art. Weekly you can expect: writing prompts, a Zoom session to write and share work, and access to our online support-based writing group. Please email me or use the contact form on my site here if you are interested and would like more information about how to sign up. Cost for this six-week session is $290; the course runs from this coming Monday, March 13 to April 21, 2017.

Local Love

Here a few photos from a day trip to one of my favorite places on earth, the Self-Realization Fellowship Retreat and Hermitage Meditation Garden in Encinitas. I must write a new poem in response to the question in last visit’s poem, What sort of crime does one commit / in such a garden? as my friend and I, so entranced and happy to be back in our beloved garden, in laughing freely, drew a rebuke from the garden security guard. She reminded us to lower our voices even as the weed-wacker merrily buzzed and scads of children ran past shrieking at the garden’s perimeter eclipsing her rebuke so we had to strain to hear it. 

Too happy to feel shamed for long, we settled easily into loving the sun-hot lizards doing push-ups on the rocks, the doves fanning their tails in pairs along the ocean trail, and the blooming cacti. What's not to love about the easy visual metaphor of prickled thorny limbs extending to offer clusters of saucy red blooms to the blue blue sky? One can be thorny and bloom, simultaneous, reaching for the sun.

Flamingo Love

I've written here over the years about my adventures with A Room of Her Own Foundation--writing about the retreats I attended in 2011, 2013, and 2015. You've heard me rave too about the women in the desert I've met on those retreats. AROHO is changing its role as an organization; one of the ways they've celebrated their mission of "ending the isolation of creative women" is to support the ongoing ways women continue to write and meet regardless of how the organization restructures itself. Here's an interview about the Flamingos, the writing group I call my home flock, and our story as it relates to how we met through AROHO.

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