Friday, April 11, 2014

Do you Haiku?

Come play with me tomorrow at San Diego Writers, Ink, over at Inspirations Gallery. I've been busy ferreting out my favorite haiku to put in a hat for us to read...and reading versions of Basho's opening paragraph of Narrow Road to the Interior. After perusing my finds, we will fearlessly write our own stellar haiku and haibun and more...The list of forms we are trying our hand at writing is, I admit, daunting...




Letter or Epistolary Poems




...and I'm not sure anyone has ever written seven poems before in those seven forms in a four hour window, but we could be the first. I'm new to San Diego Writers, Ink and this will be my debut class for me put down my writing roots in my new city.

 Class runs from 12:30 to 4:30; sign up here if you are interested:

 Poetry Play: A Tour Through the Forms



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