Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Between Mothers: A Poem for Lady Diana

Thank you Tweetspeak Poetry--somewhere during the whirl and slog of getting the kids dressed and ready for school, I scanned an email from Poetry Editor Richard Maxson announcing that She Dressed in a Hurry, for Lady Di went out to subscribers of Tweetspeak’s Everyday Poems (a list for which you receive poems to your inbox for the cost of a large latte: $5.99 for an entire year’s worth of poems). Here’s the link with more specific information about how you can subscribe if you wish: Tweetspeak’s Every Day Poems

And here’s a link to the site at large: Tweetspeak Poetry. I’m grateful to L.L. Barkat and her loving way of engaging poets in conversation and play; I’m also grateful to Glynn Young for taking the time to review November Butterfly. 

My poetry movie collaborator Robyn and I made a movie back in 2002 for She Dressed in a Hurry (under three minutes in length). My father plays piano while Robyn’s incredible micro-world images slide by. You can also write to a prompt based on the poem and poetry movie I wrote up during book tour year, November Butterfly Prompt 7.

I also want to thank Salome Magazine  online for publishing the poem originally and finally Saddle Road Press for publishing it as part of my first collection, November Butterfly. Here’s a beautiful new PDF Saddle Road Press cover maven, photographer and writer Don Mitchell sent out to all of us in the Saddle Road Press Family.

Gratitude is also due Poet and Teaching Artist Ren Powell, for the generosity of her time and the delight I had discussing poetry’s trajectory in my life as a seeker and mother, This Choice, Pryputniewicz.

Though I’ve been teaching for many years now, (twenty-four and counting), I owe Jen Louden (author of 8 books including The Women’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year) of TeachNow a shout out. I just took part in her free mini-course—and the handful of writing exercises she gave out there really helped me see my teaching in a new light. Ironically, I’m too busy teaching at the moment to actually take the 3 month course she’s offering this spring, but here’s a link in case you have been wishing and wanting to step into teaching, Sustainable Success on the Teacher’s Path. I found Louden to be positive, vibrant, and bursting with practical ways to dive in immediately and begin teaching.

Speaking of teaching, April 11, 2016, I’ll be starting my next Tarot Writing Class, Wheel of Archetypal Selves: The Many Faces of Change. I’d love the chance to work with you—or would love it if you would  pass along the link to other Tarot devotees!

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Igniting the Heart Torus: Tarot Visioning with the Ace of Wands on Quest 2016 (heart torus is a phrase I learned from Jen Louden). 

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