Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tarot Deck Makers Course Q and A

The first of my Tarot Deck Makers courses starts this coming Monday; I've received much interest and have put together a post to distill the questions I've been asked. I still have a few spots left in the course; we have a beautiful group already forming. Please email me if you have any further questions. 

 Do I have to commit to making an entire Tarot Deck of my own?

You will have the opportunity to begin to create your very own Tarot Inspired Vision Deck—you work at your own pace. We focus on six Tarot cards in this first class: The Fool, The Magician, and the four Aces. The Fool card welcomes us to our deck making adventure. The Magician inspires us to pick up our tools, the Aces.  The Ace of Cups invites us to bring forth the chalice of self-love and compassion (heart), The Ace of Swords invites us to bring forth our vision with clarity and focus (mind), The Ace of Disks invites us to stand firmly on the earth and welcome the translation of our vison into a material deck (body), and The Ace of Wands invites us to bring our passion to the project as we consider how we would like to next direct our vision-aligned actions as depicted by the images we create for our decks (will). 

The course is meant to ground your deck making experience and give you the courage to keep creating cards, either in the rest of the series of classes I’ll be offering this year or on your own. Because it is a Tarot Inspired Vision Deck, you may choose to deviate from the Tarot’s structure, but I will be teaching sequentially through the deck this year to give us a grounding structure upon which to improvise.

Do I have to commit to a particular artform?

This course gives you a chance either to work in a medium you already feel comfortable working with or a chance to try something new—collage, watercolor, photography, you choose. You are also free to draft as many versions of your card as you wish; perhaps you’ll start out with a photograph and then decide to collage the photograph to add other elements or text.

Do I have to have a certain skill level with my artform or the Tarot?

This course is open to all level of student. We will read a variety of Tarot interpretations for each card, journal to connect our lived experiences to the card, and envision in writing and with art to create our own version of the card. The focus of the course is shared exploration as we create our decks.

For more details about the course:

Tarot Blessings and thank you for your interest!

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