Monday, October 19, 2015

Last Day to Sign up for Poetry Play: A Tour of the Forms in San Diego

Homage, Hess Collection, Leopold Maler
photo by Robyn Beattie
Get your creative fires burning! With me...and other writers...I'll be teaching in person tomorrow at San Diego Writers, Ink; our class is forming up nicely, so join us if you can between 10-2. 

Poetry Play: A Tour of the Forms, In Person at San Diego Writers, Ink

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Tuesday October 20, 2015
$60 members, $72 non-members

Do you haiku? Ever written a haibun, aubade, or villanelle? Want to try your hand at a sestina or a sonnet? During this one-day workshop we will fearlessly and playfully write our way towards working drafts of as many of the forms as we can.

We’ll start with the deceptively simple but evocative gem of haiku. Then we’ll breathe into the slightly pithier prose lead required of the haibun with its haiku chaser. Next up: dawn songs (otherwise known as aubades) for a love lost or left at sunrise. And then, hearts astir, we turn to the gift of intricate form and the unusual word choices form often invites. We will draft sestinas, sonnets and villanelles.

To sign up and read rest of course description visit Poetry Play: A Tour of the Forms

Photo by Jamie Clifford
Interview Live

Also newly posted is an interview conducted by Casey Cromwell, SDWI, in which we discuss the power of writing groups, "female to female inquiry," and a bit more about my first poetry collection, November Butterfly. Here's an excerpt on journal writing:

I set aside time to fringe pages of past journals with post-its (mostly I use long strips of paper, bookmark size) I’ve labeled with a word or image at the top of each passage I want to revise towards a poem or blogpost. Because I’m also an artist, I use colored pencils to circle phrases or words. I think just like we get “blank page” anxiety, we can get “revising page” anxiety…so many words to re-arrange and winnow! A little color keeps it playful. 

New Poetry Prompts for November Butterfly 

This month I went back to my project of creating writing prompts based on the poems in November Butterfly. Here are prompts 12 and 13: 

Mordred's Dream

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