Thursday, February 27, 2014

AWP 2014

Ruth Thompson of Saddle Road Press (with Tania)
Just a quick note to say I’m so very excited to be at my very first AWP ever; I’m here in support of Saddle Road Press, A Room of Her Own Foundation, and Catalyst Book Press. Here’s a photo of the lovely Ruth Thompson of Saddle Road Press. She is my editor for November Butterfly, scheduled for November 2014 release (poetry). We are at table P7; would love to see you there where you'll find us talking up all the Saddle Road Press books, including the forthcoming Body on The Wall by Michelle Wing.

I am overwhelmed by the choice of panels; flew in yesterday in time to help Ruth set up the table and attend AROHO's reception with Hedgebrook for the announcement of an amazing new award for women playwrights, shepherded into being under the careful guidance of Ellen McLaughlin. Here's a link to a post on AROHO's website, What if Shakespeare had a Sister.
And here’s the view from my room—I’m staying on the 25 floor, with space needle in view; artwork on the cover of my journal is by my childhood friend Michelle Hallinan. More as we go...


Sandra said...

So wonderful to see you both looking inspired and ready to take AWP by storm!

Michelle Wing said...

What an amazing photo of the two of you, Ruth & Tania! I love it! Will you send me a copy?