Thursday, January 31, 2013

Transformative Blogging Class Openings

Just a quick note to say I still have room in my month long on-line Transformative Blogging class that begins Monday, February 4th. Detailed course description here at Story Circle Network (open to members and non-members alike).

All level of bloggers welcome, as we start nice and easy with an inventory questionnaire designed to help you map out your goals as a blogger or recalibrate your existing blog. Support comes several ways: 1) via the extended brainstorming we do as a class  and 2) your teacher. Expect generous mirroring of goals, specific feedback and ideas for the next step, which, it turns out, may be anything from journal writing to writing a sample “about Me” to writing up a guest post for one of your classmates (and more).

 In support of Transformative Blogging coursework and women bloggers in general, I’ve been happily blogging on my website:


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