Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tarot for Joy: The Two of Cups

Tarot for Joy met today to write to the Two of Cups. I video recorded the introduction to the card and the Tarot writing prompt for the Two of Cups to give you an idea of how the class runs (view Tarot for Joy: Two of Cups on YouTube here). Each week with the zoom invite I send out a photograph of 12 versions of the card of the week. To see the variety of expression from each artist always moves me so deeply. It is such a helpful visual reminder that our experiences of any situation in life are highly individual, even though we may have universal points of connection, such as the heart, such as the longing for love. But how it feels coursing through my body is going to be different than how it courses through yours; how I perceive love and joy manifesting in my life is unique to my circumstances and soul, and I love to hear how love and joy manifests in the lives and souls of others. 

This is a drop-in weekly online "show up and share" class meant to help us anchor in the present moment using the Tarot to connect to our joy through writing. Please feel free to pass on the video link to anyone you think might benefit. We are making our way through the deck one card at a time; we meet every Tuesday over Zoom. Here is the full course description: Tarot Tuesdays returns with Tarot for Joy. Next week we write to the Three of Cups. We'd love to have you.

Pairing Poetry with Photographs: Songs of Survival

I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow to be part of Songs of Survival, a night of poetry, dance and music to celebrate the one year anniversary of the MeToo movement (the event is Thursday, October 18, tickets here).  I am blessed to have the support of my poetry movie collaborator Robyn Beattie (gift of her photographs) and my father Stephen (gift of his music). I will be bringing both images and music to Chicago to perform at Awakenings Gallery. Here is a post on my main website about the process of pairing lines of poetry meant to inspire healing and hope with photographs. Ultimately, I couldn't land on just one image: Two Views of Healing: Songs of Survival.

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