Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tarot Podcast News and April Classes

I got the email today that we are on the verge of having Nimrod International Journal’s issue, Leaving Home, Finding Home in hand. 

I’m honored that one of the commune poems, “Free Box,”appears in the issue. Here’s the link to the page to order from Nimrod International (you can either subscribe or scroll down to order a particular issue).

Sign up for Monday’s 1) Poetry Workshop and 2) Introduction to Tarot Class

Here are links to the full course descriptions for two classes that start next week:

And here's a podcast from last year, This Choice, hosted by poet Ren Powell, in which you’ll learn a bit about both my poetry history and how I approach the Tarot as a teacher:

Tarot Podcast News

Mary and I will be adding a new feature to Tarot for Two, the blog we’ve been keeping since 2015. We’ve decided to try our hand at podcasting as a format. I will share the link to our first conversation, once we have it, record it and post it. We’ve drafted up some questions to answer on our own, but please do feel free to leave a question for us in the comments here or on our Tarot for Two site and we will consider them for future podcasts. Excerpts from this month's Tarot for Two card of the month writings:

Mary on the Empress:

The Empress is a watery card rather than a fiery one, all those pinks and greens and lotuses and water birds.  But the empress herself is resting in a bower of her own making, an inner bower made of peace and loveliness and happiness, and my desert vacation rests in my memory as a time of airiness and peace and happiness, and the desert with its fierceness has a kind of loveliness of its own.

Tania on the Knight of Cups:

I love most the rider’s wings. I’ve often thought the wings belonged to the horse, but the wings spring from the shoulders of the green-armored knight. The knight holds a chalice to the sky, a red crab emerging at cup’s rim. He’s offering up his heart and the heart’s questions. In the image of the crab I see a layer of protection, the color red so vibrant, a salute to the passionate heart.

Read the rest here:

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