Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interview with California Parenting Institue Volunteer Lydia Stewart ...

is live over at The Fertile Source this week. Lydia spoke with passion about her years of volunteer work at CPI on behalf of women, children, and their families in Sonoma County, California. It was a joy to hear how boldly Lydia was willing to speak up, and as a result, found herself invited to be a board member at CPI where she helped make immediate changes (for example, offering night classes for working families).

CPI is hosting a number of free events in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month (April) such as The Toolbox Class (presenting "twelve 'tools' that help families develop a common langue to build self-esteem and resolve conflicts and develop empathy for others," Grandparents Parenting Again Luncheon, and Assets and Resources (in which "parents will learn how to evaluate their family's situation, create budgets, pay bills, and address emotional stress while meeting crucial family needs"). For more information, check out the interview or contact CPI directly at: http://www.calparents.org/ , 585-6108.

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